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Let’s Join Hands and Change the World Together – Yi Jia International Brings Hope to Children


On September 9, 2018 (Sunday), Yi Jia International made a donation to the children welfare facility Rumah Charis in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an intention to make the world a better place for children by making joint efforts. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. Yi Jia International is committed to creating a better environment and conditions for children to grow up into talents essential for China’s future development. By giving the donation, Yi Jia International sets an example for its peers to give back to society.



Led by the founder and chairman Guo Bingting, who made a generous donation of MYR 20,000, Yi Jia International members present at the event all contributed their efforts or money to help the children living at the facility. The donation and the time spent together with the children allowed both Yi Jia International staff members and the children to be more grateful and willing to help others and keep themselves in the right path leading to success.

Out of a keen sense of social responsibilities and passion for public welfare, Yi Jia International also arranged a birthday party for children born in September. During the birthday party, company members actively interacted with the children and provided care and support to this special community. Everyone was surrounded by a warm and caring atmosphere. Guided by its long-time principle of “striving forward together with love and care”, Yi Jia International brought the children the light of hope to illuminate the road ahead.



During the event, company staff and children participated in the “Shaking for Love” game, experiencing the fun of playing while enjoying the benefits of healthy and beauty-boosting drinks - Q10 Mirikel and WuXing Daily Meal, supplement product series under Yi Jia International’s health business line. Meanwhile, Yi Jia International also sent packages of these two products as a gift to the children at Rumah Charis in the hope that they can excel in study and also maintain healthy.


It is every one’s responsibility to serve the society with deeds of loving kindness. Mr. Guo Bingting, founder and chairman of Yi Jia International firmly believes that an enterprise should not only pursuit profits. Rather, it should aim for a bigger goal - to achieve the integration of social effects and economic benefits. To this end, he leads Yi Jia International’s global staff to spread love from one to another, from one generation to the next, until everyone on this planet is benefited.