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Yi Jia International’s Glory Trip

September 26 – October 2, 2018, witnessed Yi Jia International’s glory and luxurious seven days/six nights trip to the western U.S. For Yi Jia International staff members from around the world, the trip was full of wonderful experience and surprises. The thrilling Universal Studios, romantic and idyllic Santa Monica Beach, chic and intoxicating Los Angeles styles interweaved into a tapestry of joy. The picturesque landscape along the journey and considerate travelling services left everyone an unforgettable memory.

[Sept. 26]

Airport Pickup and Reception by “Super Heroes”

As the aeroplane landed gradually, the vibrant and vigorous Los Angeles revealed itself. The super-hero pick-up team arranged by the company as a surprise received the travel team at the grand Sheraton Los Angeles, San Gabriel. The team was so thrilled that they cannot help taking photos to remember the memory that they created together. As if in an instant, the joy and laughter erased away all the fatigue and tiredness from the long trip. Everyone was excited about the trip in the following days.




[Sept. 27]

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,500 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California. The stars are permanent public monuments to achievements in the entertainment industry. Every handprint and footprint stand the test of time, symbolizing the remarkable attainments of these stars. Walking on these star-studded streets, the team was overwhelmed with awe. They searched for the stars of their idols and treasured the memory by keeping it close to heart.



Dolby Theatre

Dolby Theatre is a world-renewed theatre that has hosted numerous Academy Awards, live shows, and other events, and also the theatre of choice for all international troupes. It is a must-visit attraction in Los Angeles. With excitement, the team visited the theatre and was amazed by this holy place that symbolizes glory and dream.


Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grauman's Chinese Theatre is a building situated in the Hollywood Boulevard that is full of Chinese elements. During the visit, the team was impressed by the cloud-piercing bronze roof and the Chinese-style interior design and searched for the signatures and notes left by their favourite celebrity stars on the concrete plates in front of the theatre bearing the signatures, handprints and footprints of celebrities. They also put their hands on these handprints to see if they fit. Everyone had a great time during the process.

Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach is located by the earliest pier in the West Coast of the US and also the end of Route No. 66. The beach is known for its soft sand, long pier, the endless stream of visitors, groups of talented street artists, enthusiastic dances, and mysterious magic shows. The team indulged themselves in the charming beach and enjoyed the delicate feelings under the light of the sunset with the breeze gently caressing their faces.


Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is a landmark of Los Angeles and the location of many famous movie scenes. At the observatory, the team enjoyed the night view of glittering lights scattering across the city of Los Angeles. When the setting sun cast a lovely orange glow on the observatory, everything was radiating splendour of holiness. As dusk fell, the lights sporadically scattering across Los Angeles were just like stars in the galaxy. Apart from enjoying the magnificent view, the team also observed the river of stars in hope of exploring the secrets of the galaxy using the largest telescope in California.


[Sept. 28]

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is a movie-based theme park that recreates movie scenes. Inside the park, the team had a tour around the movie studio on an electric bus. The tour allowed them to walk into movie scenes and experience the stereoscopic effect of the studio. They immersed themselves in some classic yet thrilling movie scenes, including the earthquake and flood scenes in the movie Earthquake, dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and the magic world in Harry Potter. The team also visited 3D Transformers themed park to experience cutting-edge 3D technologies, state-of-the-art special visual effects and the most exciting story scripts. The team felt thrilled and joyful as if they returned to their childhood.


[Sept. 29]

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is an interesting historic town of Mexican style. As the birthplace of California, the Park reserves original Mexican style and integrates it with rich European and American elements. Therefore, the Park is a perfect place to experience both American and Mexican culture. Once you step into the park, you will almost immediately feel the primitive and romantic atmosphere that fills the park. Various dazzling souvenirs, vividly-coloured accessories, and buildings of historical and cultural significance all add to the cultural richness of this old town. Strolling in the town, soaking up the historical, elegant, and idyllic atmosphere, and experiencing age-old medieval style, the team felt as if time was slowing down.



USS Midway Museum

USS Midway is the United States’ first aircraft carrier and the prototype of the US's modern aircraft carriers. It served in the US Navy for more than half a century and was transformed into a military museum after being decommissioned. Now it is docked on downtown San Diego's waterfront, overlooking the Naval Base San Diego, homeport to the U.S. Pacific Fleet. The team toured around the Museum under the direction of a tour guide. Not only did the team learn a lot about the carrier aircraft, but also impressed by her sheer scale and spectacularity. All team members took photos in the Museum.


Balboa Park

Covering an area of 1,200 acres, Balboa Park is the largest urban cultural park in the US and a pure land in the bustling city centre. It boasts structures of varying architectural styles, complex yet delicate decorations, and exquisite details. It comprises 15 museums with themes including human history, art, and photography. By touring around these museums, the team learned a lot about culture and humanity. Apart from museums, the Park is also famous for its gardening. The luxuriant plants and exquisite flowers in rosary, tropical plant greenhouse, desert garden and cactus garden compliment with the surrounding age-old buildings, adding a dash of romance to the environment. The team lingered long in the park and seemed to have not seen enough of it.


[Sept. 30]

Visit the R&D Center and Production Facility of Wall Broken Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Power

The team visited the company’s production facility in Los Angeles. The GMP-certified facility is the plant where broken Ganoderma lucidum spore power is produced. It adopts a production process of the highest standards and all products are produced and packaged in sterilized workshops to ensure optimal product quality. The head of the plant organized a product workshop for the team and provided education on the production process and health benefits of the wall broken ganoderma lucidum spore power. Yi Jia International’s wall broken Ganoderma lucidum spore power is made using patented wall-breaking technologies and its nutrients can be better absorbed by human bodies. The team actively engaged in the workshop and learned a great deal of knowledge about the product.


Yi Jia International Grand Dinner Party in Los Angeles

On the same day, Yi Jia International Grand Dinner Party was held in Terranea Resort, Los Angeles and was attended by VIP guests and the team. They got together to celebrate all the glory and achievements they have created and strengthened their determination to forge ahead to fulfil their callings.




【October 1st】

Desert Hills Premium Outlets

Desert Hills Premium Outlets is home to the largest collection of luxury outlets in Western US. It is a place where you can find the stores of the most popular brands and top-level high-end brands. It has the largest scale and the most diversified brand shops in Western US. Allured by the eye-dazzling collections of products, cosy shopping environment, and jaw-dropping discounts, the team unleashed a shopping spree at the Outlets and got every bargain that they can find.


[Oct. 2]

On the last day, the wonderful and surprising journal was ended. The team boarded the return flight reluctantly and waved goodbye to this nation of freedom and dream. Fruits planted by yourself are particularly sweet, and the achievements that you earned through hard work are always special. As long as we hold on to our dreams and relentlessly stride forward, we can see all the wonders in this world on Yi Jia International’s boat!